Freeman Bloodline

Freeman Family

The amazing thing about this family is that it is not a family that people would have thought of as being one of the top thirteen; For instance, Stephen M. Freeman runs the Legal Affairs Dept. of the Civil Rights Division of the Anti-Defamation League (which is a daughter of the B’nai B’rith). The ADL is a dangerous organization controlled by the hierarchy. The illuminati drug money to fund this organization. Another Freeman is Walter Freeman who introduced the lobotomy into the U.S. with James W. Watts in 1936. The frontal lobotomy was a brutal method of mind control, that has been permitted to be done to us, under the disguise that it is of benefit to humanity. Then there was Simon Freeman an important intelligence officer. And the list goes on of people that are in key places with the Freeman name. But the most important position of all which removes all doubt that the family is at the top is that the late Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion was Gaylord Freeman.

Independent discoverers of The PRIEURE DE SION

What is the Prieure de Sion? Are we sure it exists? How does this relate to the hierarchy? The Prieure de Sion (Priory of Zion) was unknown to the general public until 1982 when a book co-authored by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln came out. The book was entitled Holy Blood, Holy Grail and it offered historical proof that an organization called the Prieure de Sion was powerful and had existed since the time of the early crusades (1099 A.D.). In 1991, I came out a little more information on the Prieure de Sion. The organization is so little known to even my readership, that we need to stop and really examine the Prieure de Slon.

The original start of the Prieure de Sion appears to have been the idea of a number of powerful bloodlines, and included various descendents of the Merovingians, including the House of Lorraine, the House of Guise, the Medicis, Sforzas, the Estes, the Gonzagas, and the St. Clairs (Sinclairs). It appears that during the Middle Ages, witchcraft and the mystery religions had seriously dissolved to the point that these modes of thought had to be relearned from the ancient writings. Interestingly, the Middle Ages when witchcraft and paganism were dissolving have been branded. It became semi-visible during the 1960s and 70s and became secret again in 1984. The group of monks that made up the original order were led by Ursus of the Merovingians. They were given a place at Orval in France until they apparently decided to move to the Holy Land. This order appears to have had the power behind the scenes to have been in the position to select who would sit on the throne at Jerusalem, and the initially selected their man Godfroi de Bouillon. The Ordre de Sion (Prieure de Sion) set up a military order called the Knights Templar. Louis VII of France became indepted to the Knights Templar, and in repayment of the help he had received he established some of the Ordre de Sion at the priory of St. Samson, along with establishing 26 men (2 groups of 13) at a small priory at the Mount of Sion, Orleans, France. In 1188, the Ordre de Sion let the Knights Templars apparently go their own way, which eventually was to trouble. The story of the Knights Templars is exceedingly interesting because it relates to the Satanic International Bankers of today. The Knights Templars became the first European wide International Bankers.


It has often been said if you want to know who really runs things, look at a man’s advisors. Now check this out, Gaylord Freeman never ran for any major political office–and the voting process is supposedly to get men who know what they are doing into once, and yet if you read the N.Y. Times biography you will read “Mr. Freeman…was frequently called on by Washington for advice and assistance.’ Yes, Presidents and Congressman called Gaylord Freeman for advice, and yet most of us haven’t even heard of the man! Again for those who think that only the Rockefellers and Rothschilds are powerful families, let me ask, why weren’t they calling Rockefeller? Not only did the Presidents turn to Gaylord Freeman for advice, they also turned to another member of the family, Roger A. Freeman. Roger A. Freeman was a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute. (I suspect Roger was Jewish but the newspaper doesn’t say any religion.) The New York Times biographical news article that came out when Roger died is also put on the next page. Note that in the headline they emphasize that Roger Freeman played the role as advisor to 2 presidents. And yet I doubt that hardly any American has heard of him. One prominent Freeman, James D. Freeman has played a leadership role in Unity School. James Freeman has written at least six important books for Unity which they have published. Two of his works are Unity School and The Story of Unity. Had the article on spiritual warfare covered ritual sites in Kansas-Missouri I would have mentioned about the Unity School. Near (ajoining) the Unity School, in between Kansas City, Ks. and Kansas City, Mo. is a strip of wooded land. Little Ricky Rd. goes through this area, and the forest along Little Ricky Rd. has been used for Satanic rituals by a coven that was made up of adults not teenagers-Interestingly, a man who was part of the Unity School hierarchy, and came to Christ told me that the school secretly conducted Luciferian initiations and that Robert Schuler, 33° Mason, and leading Protestant clergyman knew all about Luciferian initiations being conducted there, yet Schuler went ahead and taught his principles of church growth to Unity School. They call the school Unity School of Christianity but a more accurate name would be Unity School of Witchcraft. Many witches have in fact been associated with the Unity Church and are closely working with it to secretly destroy Christianity. I know from inside information that the hierarchy is sending orders to the school, so it would not surprise me if James D. Freeman was actually part of the Freeman family that is one of the top 13 Illuminati families. Some of the family are clearly jewish, such as Ernest Robert Freeman, who lives in Maryland and is an important jewish leader. He has been the dlr. of the Jewish Community Council in his area, and President of the Sachs/Freeman Assoc. The Sachs family also ties into the conspiracy so that is interesting. And Grace Freeman, who is jewish, wrote Inside the Synagogue. Some of the Freemans are leaders in Christendom too. Lee Jackson Freeman is an American Baptist minister. He went to Union Theological Seminary, which is a totally ungodly place- -they turn out socialists for graduates, etc. Lee Jackson Freeman was a member of the executive board of the national ministries of the American Baptist Church. He also served in the Ecumenical Ministries in his Scranton, PA area. R. Lexie Freeman is a Nashville, Tenn. Methodist pastor (Waverly Place) who is a Freemason


There are obviously different unrelated family lines that have the last name Freeman. In the preliminary Freemans coming from England, France, Germany and Austria. Howard L. Freeman is a Christian author, who has written about how the economic system of our nation is ungodly. I wrote him a letter of inquiry about the Freeman family. He wrote me and told me that his family came from the English town of Barnstaple. And that the Freemans in that area treated him as a royal guest when he visited the area. He was shown around England over a 50 mile radius by the Freemans in England. His opinion was that his last name did not originate in Barnstaple, England. The history books record an M.P. (Member of Parliament) back in the times when our revolution was being plotted who was named Sambrooke Freeman (c. 1721-82). He was from Fawley Court, near Henley, in Berkshire. He went to Oxford. I do not know if the Freemans in Moriah (the Illuminati) are from England originally, but from the little clues I have that would be my first guess. If not England, then likely France. Mary Freeman of Marlborough, Wiltshire, England claimed back in 1988 that on 7/13/88, almost at midnight, that she, Mary Freeman, was leaving the ancient Druid stone circle at Avebury when she saw a UFO over Silbury Hill. Most people are interested In her UFO report–l’m curious why this Freeman lady was out late at night at some ancient Druid site.


Due to time restraints, I haven’t progressed as far in my research as I would like. However, I have been able to identify one Freeman in the Illuminati. He was Minnesota’s Gov. Orville Freeman who appointed Walter Mondale to the position of Attorney General when Walter was just 32 years old. Walter Mondale later enjoyed the status of being the only U.S. Senator on the Trilateral Commission. Walter Mondale went on to serve the Illuminati as U.S. Vice-president and Orville Freeman was appointed as a cabinet member for Kennedy’s and then Johnson’s administration. Another Freeman is listed on secret membership lists as joining the Order of Skull & Bones in 1869. See his picture which is reproduced. Don Freeman wrote books on witches, including Space Witch, and Tilly Witch. Another Freeman was instrumental in the O.T.O. being set up. For those who know about the O.T.O. (I’ve mentioned it in the past) it is hermetic magic and Satanism. Right here in Oregon, we have been watching some Freemans, because it appears that there are some Satanic coven members here in Oregon who are Freemans.


It is interesting to look at some of the titles that various Freemans have authored. Here is a sampling– see if some of these don’t sound like the authors could be potential candidates for being in a coven.

  • Martin Freeman–Forecasting Astrology (plus several other astrology books)
  • Richard B. Freeman–The Overeducated American
  • Michael Freeman–Cohabitation Without Marriage
  • Lucy Freeman–Listening to the Inner Self
  • Kathleen Freeman–books on the Greeks’ philosophy
  • A.V. Freeman–International Responsibility of States for Denial of Justice
  • Harold Freeman–Toward Socialism In America
  • Jo Freeman- books promoting ,,Women’s Liberation” such as Politics of Women’s Liberation and Women a Feminist Perspective
  • David F. Freeman wrote a Handbook on Private Foundations. That’s interesting because if anyone is skilled in creating foundations, especially private ones Its the Illuminati.
  • The Freeman family includes many lawyers, doctors, and psychiatrists. Some of the Freeman
    scientists are studying areas that are interesting. A.J. Freeman wrote on his area of expertise
    Magnetoelectric Interaction Phenomena in Crystals. Sounds like a subject people interacting with the
    UFOs might study